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Spring Conferences will be held VIRTUALLY on February 20th, from 8am-4pm and IN PERSON on February 21, from 4-8pm.

We will be using a Conferences Scheduling program that will allow you to schedule all of your conferences in one place for the virtual conferences. The link to schedule conferences will be available here: 

We are only scheduling Tuesday's virtual conferences. In person conferences are not scheduled, but first come, first serve - drop in. 

Please be mindful that we are working to ensure that the students who need the most guidance from teachers are given priority for conferences. Please discuss grades and progress with your student and determine your conference needs as a family.

Conference times are limited to 10 minutes per student so we can schedule as many families as possible during our conference dates. Please be mindful to arrive on time and gracefully exit when your time has expired.

Parents who require an interpreter for Conferences should type INTERPRETER in their comments to teachers. It is also helpful to list the language.