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Laker Locker

Laker Locker Purpose Statement

The Southwest Laker Locker opened in late October of 2023 and since then, it has expanded to be able to provide even more clothing, household items as well as pantry staples to the Southwest community.  Our Laker Locker is a no questions asked resource where students can come and shop the items we have in stock and take what they need. 

The Laker Locker is completely run inhouse and relies on donations from our amazing Southwest community. You can support the Laker Locker by purchasing items off of our Amazon Wish List and they will be shipped directly to Southwest.

If you have any questions or would like to contribute to the Laker Locker, please reach out to Assistant Principal Megan Paulis de Rangel or Admin TOSA Amy Engler

Laker Locker Pantry

Lacker Locker Pantry

Laker Locker Clothing

Laker Locker Clothing

Laker Locker Hygiene Product Station

Laker Locker Products